Access Management

Streamline your users’ access and account provisioning by using task automation from a service request portal available on their desktop or mobile devices.

Access to corporate systems and resources made simple, controlled and at the same time auditable, involving several teams and approvals by different profiles.

Automating access activities reduces your Service Desk requests by up to 15%, allowing your analysts to focus on activities that impact your business the most.

Account Unblock

Automate network account unblocking securely. By confirming personal data, users themselves may request unblocking or changing the network access password. Without the need for human intervention, unblocking can be performed anytime, anywhere.

New Users

Create new users automatically. Deliver immediate access to new employees or third parties. Form rules and validations ensure that the data used to create Active Directory accounts will be standardized.

Resource Access

Streamline immediate access to your infrastructure resources such as VPN, internet access, email accounts. Integrate the request with other corporate identity and access management applications.

Systems Access

Easy access provisioning to your corporate systems. Approval flows and automated task routing unifies requests without compromising security and auditing.

Access Lock

Immediate network access blocking directly by the managers, without intervention of the access management team. This solution speeds restrictions on the processes of dismissal, vacation or leave without bureaucracy.

SMS Unlock

Send new temporary passwords via SMS, eliminating access to Service Desk or even corporate network. Thus, access can be re-established 24 hours a day from anywhere.