Assets and CMDB

A consolidated graphical view, representing Configuration Items (CI) relationship on a web interface, integrated to Incident and Change requests.

Manage Hardware and Software inventory through the automated agentless collection.

Integrate your Incident Management, Assets and CMDB to your monitoring platforms through APIs or e-mail.

Inventory Collection

Keep an up-to-date inventory of your desktops and servers when using automated collection. Information about processors, memory, disks and even machine serial numbers, accessible with few clicks and low implementation cost.

CMDB Consolidated View

Consolidated configuration items visualization and relationships on a web interface, integrated to Incident and Change requests

Asset Management

In addition to assets inventory, manage the asset lifecycle by integrating it with other business processes. Get a clear view of asset distribution across departments and cost centers. Associate invoice, purchase order, contract, and warranty expiration data assets.

License Control

Installed software license count versus the license list makes auditing and management easy.

IC's Relationship

Flexible representation among configuration items.

Processes Integration

Your IT Assets immediately available for integration to other ITSM processes: Incident, Change, Service Requests. Without complex integrations or additional costs

Monitoring platforms integration

Easy integration of your IT Asset base to monitoring platforms through APIs or e-mails.

Agentless Inventory Collection

No code installed on Desktops and Servers. Information collected locally, inside your local area network, from a single server.

Asset Collection based on Cloud

On Premises infrastructure (Database servers, Application servers) not necessary to have your up-to-date inventory. Everything cloud-based, accessible through your browser.