HR Portal

Eliminate barriers for your employees to request HR services from your organization. From a simple, intuitive and accessible portal, requests are made quickly from desktops or mobile devices.

Personnel Admission, Vacation Requests, Employment Verification letters, or Medical Card Replacement: dozens of services that are easily accessible in a service catalog with the way you relate to employees.

Vacation requests made by Managers, meeting the organization’s business rules and a flow of approvals directly in the application.

Employee On-boarding

Integrated on-boarding processes across multiple areas allow new employees to quickly be in a position to produce, avoiding stress and idleness with requests for access, emails, computers and mobile phones.

Employment Verification Letters

Automation in the generation of employment verification letter. The document is immediately generated in PDF and sent to the applicant at the same time, without any contact with HR.


Benefit Requests, changes to medical and dental plans. New dependents, coverage changes. Made with specific forms that reduce errors and speed up service.


Fast and transparent refund requests, built-in organizational policy forms and streamlined approval flow. Integration with ERP's enables full process automation.


Vacation Requests made by Managers, meeting the organization's business rules and a flow of approvals directly in the application.


Transfers and employee relocation conducted in an organized manner, based on approval and notification flows. Integration with HR for managing change of telephone extensions, cost centers and internal addresses facilitates registration maintenance.

Badges and Benefit plan cards

Badges, Medical and Dental Plan benefit cards requests are quick and simple requests, with medical services time management, including notification to external service providers.

Leave of Absence

Leave of absence reporting, medical clearance can be done directly by the units. Attachments containing the documents and medical reports can be quickly added to the files.