Registration Center

Streamline your organization’s supplier, customer, and item registration
processes by automating configurable forms and flows.
Provide a fast and secure way to register through a simple and intuitive portal, available directly from your website.
Integrate registration management with your ERP, saving resources, streamlining processes, and delivering real gains in your organization’s operation.

Supplier Registration

Automate the supplier registration process through forms and integrations with public data sources (eg. Experian) and your ERP. Engage multiple stakeholders such as tax, logistics and finance in a configurable workflow.

Customer registration

Automate the process of registering customers and individual persons by validating data such as CPF (equivalent to SS) and automated address filling. Integrate the process with multiple stakeholders, such as finance and information security, into a configurable workflow, integrated to your ERP.

Item Registration

Organize the registration of productive and non-productive items, with configurable forms directed by item categories. Validate information with other areas and automate data insertion in your ERP.