Requestia RPA

Natively automate your processes by integrating robots into them

Benefits of adpoting Requestia RPA

Total integration with BMPS

The RPA and BPMS integration eliminates the use of orchestration mechanisms, centralizes control over robot execution and simplifies end-to-end process automation.

More productivity and effiency

RPA can work uninterruptedly and faster than a human. Besides, it can execute more work in less time. No needing vacations or time off, working 365 days per year.

100% accuracy

All humans are vulnerable to making mistakes. Using RPA it's possible to automate tasks with 100% accuracy, as long as they are well optimized, structured, extensively tested and supported by good governance.

Low implementation cost

Compared to other automation technologies, RPA has the lowest implementation cost.

Short-term investments

According to some researches RPA offers a 30% to 200% of ROI potential already in the first year.


RPA is flexible and adapts to the company needs, increasing the volume of work without changing the already automated process.

Requestia RPA Components

RPA Studio

Robot flow development environment with drag-and-drop interface and low-code approach.

RPA Agent

Microsoft Windows service responsible for monitoring each robot queue and executing tasks, in unattended (non-interactive) mode.

RPA Orchestrator

Requestia Platform Component responsible for orchestrating robots - where and when each process will be executed.

Where to use Requestia RPA?

You can use it in any process that has well-defined rules, repetitive and manual tasks.

Registration Central

Integration and maintenance of suppliers/customers and items, email management, registration management such as including, updating and deleting, consulting registration data in public bodies and managing registration movements.

Finantials and Accouting

Processing sales and purchase orders, generating reports, researching public agencies, accounting entries, downloading bank statements and issuing documents.

Human Resources

Integration and deactivation of employees, payroll, administration of benefits, contracts generation, registration validation and blocking/release of accesses.

Information Technology

File and document management, user installation and configuration, application integration, data and content migration, ERP and other system integrations and batch processing.

Take a look at our RPA library

Robot visual programming

Requestia RPA Studio is a free environment for the robot creation. It's easy to develop, simple to integrate with the Requestia Platform and fully customizable. Besides, it offers its own orchestrator where the robots can be inserted in any part of the workflow, monitoring and managing all robots in the application itself.

Live the Requestia experience

Everything you need to transform your business processes.

Some of the benefits:

  • End-to-end automation
  • Integration with diversities corporative applications
  • Customizable application
  • Low-code development
  • Quick implementation
  • Easy to config
  • Multilingual solutions

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