Registration Central

Agility and effectiveness in the suppliers, customers and items registration that results in selling and buying processes operating gains.

Integrate registration management with your ERP

Suppliers Registration

Own a flexible and totally configurable workflow, automate registration processes by using forms and integrations with public regulations.

Clients Registration

Automate client registration process by using data validation and automatic fill out of address. Everything integrated to diversities interested areas.

Items Registration

Organize the registration of productive and non-productive items, using configurable forms directed by categories. Validate other areas informations and include datas to your ERP.

Ensure information quality through validation rules

Live the Requestia experience

Everything you need to transform your business processes.

Some of the benefits:

  • End-to-end automation
  • Integration with diversities corporative applications
  • Customizable application
  • Low-code development
  • Quick implementation
  • Easy to config
  • Multilingual solutions

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