Hyperautomation: BPMS+RPA

Requestia offers BPMS and RPA in a single application! Requestia Platform has two built-in technologies, enabling a Hyperautomation technology

The hyperautomation it’s the combination of several technologies that are used in a orchestrated way with the goal of automating the greatest number of IT and business processes, safe and efficient. It decreases operating costs and increases productivity. Among these technologies are Business Process Management Systems (BPMS) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

Hyperautomation Benefits

What’s in it for you?

1. Reduction of costs with licensing

Workflow and Orchestrator integrated in a single engine. No investment in two orchestration tools.

2. Easy to configure

Using just one configuration interface, it's simpler to create end-to-end automations and manage robots. Optimizes the use of native resources of each of the technologies.

3. Performance and Stability gains

The integration between two technologies eliminates the use of scheduling or orchestration mechanisms and centralizes control over the robots' execution.

4. Security

The transfer between BPMS and RPA happens transparently and natively. Data coming from one process doesn’t need to travel between different applications.

Hyperautomation: Technology tendecy for 2022

“Hyperautomation has turned from a option to a condition to survival”, says Fabrizio Biscotti, Garther vice-president of research. “Organizations will need more IT and business processes automation in a world after COVID-18, they will be forced to speed up digital transformation plans, digital-first” Gartner predicts that the global market for software that enables hyper-automation will reach nearly $600 billion by 2022.

Hyperautomation it’s one of the technologies trends selected by Gather for 2022.
Take a look at the video.

Hiperautomação é uma das tendências tecnológicas selecionadas pelo Gartner para 2022. Assista ao video.

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Some of the benefits:

  • End-to-end automation
  • Integration with diversities corporative applications
  • Customizable application
  • Low-code development
  • Quick implementation
  • Easy to config
  • Multilingual solutions

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