IT Service Management
Support digital transformation and mature IT processes
Adopt ITIL best practices
Service Desk
Gather all your SSC demands in a single self-service portal. Offer to your employees a quick and intuitive navigation.
Service Level Agreement (SLA)
With flexibility in defining schedules and calendars, manage the processes fulfillment of service level agreements and teams, using metrics and sight management.
Automatic redirection to service groups, through email and/or SMS notification mechanisms, fully integrated with SLA management with flexible deadlines and service hours.
Reduce incidents and changes impact by using problem management and known error logs. Integrate your records into the knowledge base, improving management processes.
Configure your processes and manage them from the request, through committee approvals, to post-implementation review. Integrate different teams in a single application.
Services solicitations
By using configurable forms, requests can be registered with all the necessary information for your prompt service, speeding up delivery to your customers.
Everything you need for an excellent IT service delivery
Services Catalog
Publish your catalog, simplifying self-service via web or mobile and segmenting the service offer by organizational units, locations or access profiles.
Access Management
Automate access to network and applications, such as creating accounts, accessing groups and unlocking passwords, making your service much more agile.
Events management
Through integration with monitoring, events are recorded and can be easily associated with Incidents, speeding up service and reducing the impact on infrastructure.
Reduce the error rate in version updates by easily configuring the release management, in a simple way and integrated with other processes, ensuring the update of your CMDB.
Assets and CMDB
Consolidated and integrated view of incident and records change, with configuration items (CI's) and the relationship between them directly on the web.
Hardware and Software Inventory
By the collection automation, have a updated desktops inventory and servers with information about processor, memory, disk and machine serial number.

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